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Can I use AirPlay to connect Karaoke Anywhere to my Apple TV?

posted this on May 18, 2012, 9:12 PM

If you have an iPad 2/3 or iPhone 4S/5 and an Apple TV, screen mirroring allows for AirPlay to work for all songs. Here’s the step by step:
1. Make sure that AirPlay is enabled within the Settings of your Apple TV. Make sure that your Apple TV is turned on!
2. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the same wifi network.
3. With the Karaoke Anywhere app closed, double-tap the Home button on your device.
4. Swipe to the right two times on the app slider that appears.
5. Tap the AirPlay icon
6. Tap the toggle switch to enable Mirroring for your Apple TV (you should see your iOS device display appear on the TV)
7. Tap the Home button again to close the app slider
8. Open Karaoke Anywhere. Enjoy!
Note: All functions of the Karaoke Anywhere app will work via Mirroring, but there will be a noticeable delay in your voice’s audio coming out of the TV. You can turn off the microphone volume in the FX panel to prevent this, but this will also prevent you from recording. If you wish to record while also outputting to your TV, we suggest you connect directly to your TV via any compatible iOS AV cable.

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